Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally at Home and Permanently

How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally at Home and Permanently

Weight Loss

As far as weight loss is concerned the most effective way is to follow easy and simple steps at home. You don’t have to do great things or hitting gym, better stick with some easy tips which you can do at your home. Experts say, home is the most important place to start your weight loss and you would be able to make it feasible for sure. Let’s check some easy steps that can be done at home.

1. Write down

Write down what you eat and when you eat. You have to mention both the food items and the time usually you take food. As you list you will get to know the fatty food items, junk food items and high calorie food items so that you can start abstaining from it.

2. Watch your calorie intake

Home is the best place to think and make note of your calorie intake. You should know how much calorie you take every day and also find out the list of food items that are rich in calories.

Dieting without exercise ‘will NOT help you lose weight’

3. Monitoring

Better ask any of your family members to monitor your eating habits and ask them to ask you questions about your weight loss progress. You may get embarrassed to do this but if you have a person to ask you will surely make it. Many follow this and get succeeded.

4. Start confessing

Declare everyday especially in the morning that you will follow proper weight loss dieting for the day, you will go for walking or jogging and also you will take feasible steps for weight loss. This is not a formula but it is self motivation to gear up your mind for weight loss. Your attitude matters!!!

5. Drink water

People use to drink soda and other drinks till their lunch from the breakfast. Quit drinking soda and other drinks, better drink water as much as possible. What a way to detoxify the body and to prevent calories!!!

6. Less TV watching time

Don’t spend more time on TV especially when you are eating. Watching TV while taking food will make you to consume more food than the limit. As it becomes regular habit, you will start gain weight.

7. Take food at right time

Don’t delay and don’t advance, eat at right time to make sure that you have proper appetite. Don’t try to regulate your body system; allow the body system to regulate your eating habits.

8. Walking in stairs

This is one of the best ways to lose weight as it is feasible for doing at home. Walk up and down in stairs. It will burn fat and calories. It is a kind of workout.  Just do it for 10 minutes per day.

9. 5 mins walk

Most of the people are working in a job in which they have to spend their time working in computer throughout the day. Therefore it is mandatory to take break to walk, just a short walk for between every two hours. It is not only helpful for weight loss but also it improves health.

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