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9 Best Vitamins Foods that can help keep the extra weight away

9 Best Vitamins Foods that can help keep the extra weight away

Weight Loss

Practice taking foods that keep you away from extra weight. If you are concentrating on weight loss then you should take these 9 foods that can be called as super foods that prevent extra weight in your body. Come on!!! Let’s check the list of 9 foods.

1. Green tea

Green tea

The one of the best drink to cut the extra weight is green tea. If you take tea or coffee regularly better replace it with green tea. A research has been conducted that different people had green tea every day for three months and another group of people have taken regular tea everyday for three months. Once they see the results, the get blew away. Those that had green tea for three months have lost considerable amount of weight. Why wait? Go ahead; get a cup of green tea as you like it.

2. Soup


Usually people think that soups are healthy but it will add fat contents in the body. That is not true. Soup is an exceptional liquid food with no fats or cholesterol items. You can have tomato soup or any kind of veggies soup that are health and burns calories and fats. Don’t forget to add low calorie soups. You will love it and you will love the results too.

3. Low-Calorie Green Salads

Low-Calorie Green Salads

The one of the most important aspect about weight loss is that you should be balanced in taking calories. If you avoid calories, you will get exhausted and weary without sufficient energy but at the same time intake of calories above the limit will affect your health especially it will increase your weight. Therefore take low calorie foods, especially low calorie green salads which are effective for weight loss.

4. Yogurt


This is the most preferred food item in each weight loss diet. It is healthy and most beneficial for weight loss. It is low in calories and will prevent weight increase in your body. It regulates the appetite and adds health benefits to your body.

5. Beans


The main reason for recommending beans are that it will make you feel full hence you will not crave for snacks or foods.  It suppresses the food craving and keeps you regulated in taking food in proper intervals. It helps you to maintain gap between the meals you take. Take kidney beans and black beans.

6. Water


It is the top most in the super food item because taking sufficient water will detoxify your body from toxins and it supplies needed nutrients to the cells of the body. It keeps you hydrated and regulates your appetite. Make sure that you drink water in regular intervals. Drinking water only in the time of food intake is not sufficient.

7. Light Diet Shakes

Light Diet Shakes

Don’t take heavy diet shakes instead use light diet shakes. Try it!!!

If you replace all of your meals with 6 daily portions of Diet Shakes or Diet Soup, your intake will not exceed 700 calories per day. … Add lemon juice to your NupoDiet Shake for a fresh taste. If you wish to add more taste to you Nupo Diet shake, use ice cubes made with light cordial. –

8. High-Fiber and Whole-Grain Cereal

Whole-Grain Cereal

Another set of super foods will be whole grain cereals and high fiber foods. Taking high fiber will increase metabolism in the body hence it will burn fat and calories in the body.

9. Grapefruit


Research shows that grape fruit reduces calories in the body and assists for weight loss.

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