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8 Best Nutrition Foods for Burning Calories and Weight Loss

8 Best Nutrition Foods for Burning Calories and Weight Loss

Maintaining a perfect diet is very essential Superfoods for reducing body fat. Workouts alone does not help in reducing weight. Even though workouts are useful up to some extent diet is very important. One should leave high fat content foods like junk food, oil food etc. you should consume food with high fiber contents. For  doing workouts you need proteins for building up the muscles . You should first know the type of food required for losing extra weight in your body. There are foods which require  more time for digestion ,thus keeping you less hungry. Thus it helps in decreasing food intake  and burns the fat .

1. Mushroom


Mushrooms are  high protein content food. It can be used instead of meat items. Some meats like pork, beef are of high fat contents. Mushroom have low fat content .They are fiber rich food. Taking mushroom weekly help reduce your weight and keeps you healthy.

2. Egg

Whole Eggs

Eggs are very rich in proteins, vitamins, essential acids. Eggs play in important role in the diet chart for weight loss. Taking two eggs every day helps in improving the lipid content. By consuming egg daily one can get all required proteins.

3. Apples


Apples are fiber rich food.  Everyone knows how effectively apples come in handy for losing weight . There is an old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” . So an apple a day is not only helps in  losing weight but also keeps you healthy.

4. Oat meal

Old fashioned oatmeal

Oat meal is a slow-release carbohydrate food. Carbohydrates are the main sources of energy in our body. When body runs short of carbohydrates they burn fat for energy. So this slow release carbohydrates like oat meal helps in burning the fat in our body. It also provides vitamins supplements and minerals required for the body.

5. Chili


Consuming chili helps in losing weight. This may sound weird but chili contains a chemical called capsaicin. It is the reason we feel hot when we eat chili. The thermogenesis produced helps to burn the carbohydrates in our body. So chili helps in burning the fat in our body thus reducing our weight.

6. Almonds


Almonds are rich in fiber ,nutrients, good fats. They effectively work on reducing belly fat. Fats present in almonds are omega fatty acids. This fatty acids helps in prevent cardio vascular diseases. We can almonds at any time. We can take them at breakfast and in between meals also.

7. Soup


Soups also helps in weight  loss. Researches reveals that when you include  soup in your meals ,you feel stomach full after the completion of the meals. Thus it helps in lower intake of the food you regularly eat. But you should be careful in selecting the soups you take.

8. Yogurt


Taking yogurt daily helps you in controlling the stress in you. Stress plays a main role in increasing belly fat. When you are in stress the release of glucose in to the blood takes place. This increases the cholesterol level in your body. Controlling stress helps in not accumulating the fat in your body. There are many food that helps in weight loss but these are some of the best foods that you can get easily.

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