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5 Amazing Vitamin Rich Breakfast for Best Body Shape

5 Amazing Vitamin Rich Breakfast for Best Body Shape


1. Pistachio


Pistachio is a nut that can be added in your breakfast for effective weight loss because it is a healthy nut with fewer calories. It is rich in potassium therefore intake of this nut in your breakfast will keep your metabolism levels increased and also it increases fat burning and calorie burning. Increased metabolism regulates proper appetite in the body and keeps the person to eat normal so that fat and calorie accumulation in the body will be reduced. It is also rich in anti-oxidants that increases metabolism for fat burning. It reduces more fat in less time if it is taken in your breakfast regularly.

2. Pearl Barley

Pearl Barley

This food is one of the best for breakfast if you try for weight loss because it contains three essential elements for weight loss. This is a fibre rich, anti-oxidant rich and starch rich food that can be added in the breakfast increasing strength in the body and to increase metabolism. Fibre increases metabolism rate and increases fat and calorie burning whereas starch regulates the appetite of the person so that the person will eat only needed levels. Over eating will increase fat and calorie intake and hence there will be increase in weight. Therefore the resistant starch in this food will regulate the appetite which helps for weight loss.

3. Peanut butter

Pea nut butter

It is the one of the food item that is liked by most of the people and it can be added in the breakfast menu regularly to see effective weight loss. It is considered as delicious food item but not considered as an ideal food for weight loss because of the pea nuts. Actually pea nuts increase strength in the body and boosts metabolism so that there will be excessive fat and calorie burning. It reduces fat accumulation in the body by increasing metabolism and hence you can see visible results in short time. Get to know breakfast ideas using pea nut butter.

4. Coconut-blueberry bars

Coconut-blueberry bars

Adding such a food item in your breakfast will be an ideal choice for weight loss because it adds needed fiber to the body. Research says that it adds limited needed quantity not more than the needed quantity. This iron rich food adds strength in the body and increases blood circulation and cardio vascular health. Since it is adds needed fiber level to the body every time, rate of metabolism will be increased so that fat burning and calorie burning will happen in the body. It has many health benefits and can be added in your breakfast if you love to taste delicious breakfast with weight loss essentials.

5. Baked Egg in Avocado

Baked Egg in Avocado

This is an ideal breakfast for weight loss because it contains protein, fiber and low in calories. Since it is low in calories it can be taken every day as no amount of calories will be added in the body. Since it is rich in protein it increases strength in body and also increases metabolism. Increases in metabolism will burn fat and calorie contents and it will stop fat accumulation because of faster digestion through fiber. You can use this food for your breakfast as there is multiple benefits in it. It is a delicious food with essentials for effective weight loss.
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